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Occupational Safety and Health

OSH Assessment and Consultancy

Made Simpler and Better

DOLE accredited provider of Occupational Safety and Health consultancy and training programs to ensure effective health and safety measures that protect your workforce

  • Gap analysis on statutory compliance

  • Company Safety Officer for 1 year (OSHS Rule 1033)

  • PWD-accessibility building assessment

  • Ergonomic Job Hazard analysis

  • OSH audits

  • Risk Assessment:  Fire and COSHH Risk"

Employee OSH Awareness and Capability Building

OSH Assessment and Consultancy

Employee OSH Awareness and Capability Building

  • Training certification courses:

  • 40-hour Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training for Safety Officer 2

Non certificate lecture courses

  • DOLE mandated policies lectures

  • Basic First Aid lecture

  • Emergency Response Team Training

  • Mandatory 8 hour OSH training for workers (online and onsite)

Environmental Compliance Assistance

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • PCO Retainer

Are you ready for a safer and healthier workplace?

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