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Mental Health Services

Prevention is better than cure. Our mental health programs and services, virtual and face to face, can support your employees whether they are thriving at work, quiet quitting or loud quitting. 

Peace of mind made company-wide.

Corporate Mental Health Services


Focused on providing short term support to employees to achieve set goals.

Referral to a Psychiatrist

Employees who manifest psychiatric symptoms and need further treatment and management from a Psychiatrist.


Call-outs to employees to provide basic well-being checks on the current emotional and behavioral disposition of the employees.

Group Counseling

An intervention wherein employees are provided with a supportive environment to discuss common issues and concerns. 

Psych Assessment

Provides information on the strengths and limitations of the employees relevant to the job function and the use of standardized tests.

Team Building Sessions

Aims to provide team members opportunities to learn how to better cope with work-related stressors and to enhance group cohesion.

Individual Counseling

Focused on supporting and resolving employees’ personal, social, and emotional problems with the help of a Licensed Psychologist.

Annual Well-Being Assessment

Administration of surveys to assess employees’:

  • Current emotional functioning. 

  • Satisfaction in different life aspects

  • Coping Strategies
    Levels of Resiliency

Onsite Talks

Mental health talks that provide awareness, information, and evidence-based strategies that promote well-being.

New Employee Onboarding

New hires will be assisted in adjusting to a new work environment through a series of self-awareness sessions.

Ready for peace of mind
within the workforce?

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