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Established in 2004, ActiveOne Health, Inc. is a subsidiary of Reliance United, operated by our parent company, United Laboratories Inc. (Unilab), is a leading corporate clinic and wellness services management company in the Philippines.

Best at complex, multi-site, multi-shift clinic management

We offer the most comprehensive suite of products to improve employee wellness and productivty, while reducing employer healthcare expenditures anchored on an analytic and program-based approach. We leverage our organizational strength in delivering medical services, training and behavioral interventions.

Our services include: Pre-Employment Medical Evaluation (PEME) & Annual Physical Examination (APE), Clinic Set Up and Management (Formulary, Supplies Inventory, Medical Plan Administration), Health and Absence Monitoring, Employee Medical Record Management via HealthMetrics, Fit-to-Work and Disability Evaluation, Disease Management Programs as well as Emergency services. We execute a consistent experience across geographical locations, founded on an industry-leading training curriculum and regular reviews, to include staff deployment contingency processes. Our proprietary, online data analytics and metrics is a web-based software system designed  to collate employees’ health data from various records, serving as basis for the formulation of appropriate programs & disease prevention initiatives for every individual to take. Key features include online access to medical records, standardized and real-time reports, while allowing cross-site consultation.

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